Irregular cat litter

It is 100% natural mineral sand, advantages are as follows :

1.Highly absorbent   
2.Superior odor control 
Helps prevent the odors by looking away moisture within the crystals
3.Long last 
More economical than traditional cat litter 
4. Alter hygienic
Inhibits bacterial growth for a hygienic environment

Spherical Cat Litter

 The product is popular with our customers,the advantages are as follows :

1.Powerful clumping
2.superiro odor control 
3.Control the bacteria 
4.Safe and Environment friendly dust 
6.Use a long time


ball  cat litter with high qulity



Our cat litter is made of high quality 100% natural bentonite by special processes.
advantage as follows:
1. instant hard & compact clumps,easy to scoop,
2. superior odor control, moisture release, fresh scent,
3. 99.5% dust free,safe to people and pets,
4. natural hygienic products, environment friendly,




Pillar shape cat litter

The advantages of strip cat litter are:


Absorbs liquids by 100%  odours


Place the waste of cat litter in a compost pot.Soon you will have an excellent natural fertilizer for your plants.


You fill cat's tray 5-7cm of cat litter and refill when required


Strip cat litter is natural product.Contains no chemical additives,it is safe for cats and people .


 Wood flour Cat Litter

This product is pure natural pine, made of high temperature compression .It has strong and absorbent deodorant,and will decomposewhen flushing water after use.This product is made of pure pine material. This product is better for cat cleaning.