8L peach scent ball cat litter

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20000 pc

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Product Description

Product quality indicators:

Compressive strength: 3300 g

Consolidation matter weight: ≤56g

Moisture: ≤5%

Specific gravity: 0.85g/ml

Blue uptake:  31

specifications︰ 1-3.5MM
Advantages︰ The material is from natural bentonite ,and it is produced by speical technology ,the features are white,beautiful ,light,no dust,good water absorbing power,strong Coagulability ,effective deodorant.It can control the bacteria and no harm for cat.Peach scent make the air fresh .
Export Markets︰ Southest asia ,Europe
Payment Details︰ T/T
Min Order︰ 20MT
Ship Date︰ 15DAYS

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