5L ball cat litter1mm-3.5mm

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20000 pc

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Product Description

Product quality indicators:

Compressive strength: ≥3300 g

Consolidation matter weight: ≤56g

Moisture: ≤5%

Specific gravity: 0.85g/ml

Blue uptake:  31

specifications︰ 1mm-3.5mm
Advantages︰ 1.Efficient water to eliminate odor, it absorbs the cat urine or feces odor, keep indoor air fresh and clean.
2. Strong absorption capacity and absorption speed, it can be fully absorbed cat urine stool in a few seconds.
3.Antibacterial cluster, it can absorb moisture in a short time .
4. Easy to clean ,it can be used as normal waste disposal.
Export Markets︰ Southest Asia ,Europe ,Japanese
Payment Details︰ T/T,L/C
Min Order︰ 20000kg
Ship Date︰ 15days

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